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When you support Road Scholar, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

Creating transformative educational travel experiences for older adults

We develop an extraordinary range of learning adventures — some appeal broadly, some appeal to a smaller audience–to meet the needs of a broad ranger of learners. We offer these experiences not because they are profitable, but because they are meaningful. Your support give us the flexibility to create a broad interdisciplinary curriculum much like a liberal arts college.

See how Road Scholar’s adaptability allowed learners to get back on the road safely after COVID-19 curbed international travel:

Ensuring educational excellence

If we’re lucky, we can all remember at least one from our school days. The teacher who made learning a sport. The teacher who opened a new door on the world. The teacher who introduced us to a passionate interest we never saw coming. That’s how we choose the members of our Road Scholar faculty—for the depth of their knowledge about a destination or subject and for their ability to captivate us while communicating that knowledge. Your generosity helps ensure that we can continue to attract the most engaging leaders in their fields.

See how participants had the opportunity to learn from civil rights historians and heroes in the city where the movement was born in our Conference on Civil Rights: A Road Scholar President’s Program:

Piloting new learning adventures around the globe

With your support, we don’t just offer educational travel experiences. We create opportunities for older adults to learn, feel reinvigorated, meet new friends and expand their horizons. Road Scholar experiences are truly transformative, inspiring adults to take on new challenges and to live life to the fullest — at every age. We’re proud of the difference we make in the lives of so many older adults. But we can’t do this without the support of our friends. No matter how big or how small, every gift helps us enrich the lives of more than 5 million older adults.

See how female-only travel groups allow women to embark on any adventure with the comfort and safety of having a group of like-minded women. Even better, going on women-only tours fosters special bonds with females of all backgrounds through sharing stories and experiences.

Meeting the Evolving Needs of Older Adults

Over the decades, we’ve studied what makes an unforgettable learning experience, and we’ve come to realize that people have widely individual styles of exploration. That’s why with your support we will continue to create new trips with different levels of structure, from detailed itineraries packed with learning experiences to lightly structured schedules with generous free time. Thanks to you, we can give older adults access to the most extraordinary people and places in the world.

See how Road Scholar’s Adventures Online programs offer students greater flexibility by bringing experts and educational experiences to their own homes:

Awarding scholarships and grants

Donors who establish scholarship funds find it to be a deeply meaningful way to pay tribute to someone special while also opening a door to learning for someone who could not otherwise participate in a program. Each year, Road Scholar awards more than 300 of these scholarships, in the form of Impact Grants, to enthusiastic lifelong learners. Supporters like you who endow a Scholarship ensure that others can enjoy the unique Road Scholar experiences they hold so dear.

See how Road Scholar’s Caregiver Grant gave Collette the hope she needed to heal and move forward after her husband passed away:

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“At this point in my life, I find joy in supporting things that matter to me, and education is certainly one of them. I give because I want to ensure that Road Scholar is here for many generations to come.”

Sarah H. from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

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