Endow a Fund or Named Scholarship

Make an Endowment Gift

Many donors elect to fund an endowed gift to honor a family member and/or create a personal legacy. An endowed gift is invested directly; the principal gift is never touched but continues to generate income in perpetuity.

An endowed fund can be established with outright gifts of $10,000 or more, through life-income gifts or by bequest. By endowing your gift, you can make an investment that lasts forever in support of Road Scholar’s educational mission.


Endowment Opportunities


In 2004, we introduced the opportunity for supporters to establish Named Scholarship Funds to honor loved ones, or themselves, in perpetuity. Donors who have established scholarship funds have found it to be a deeply meaningful way to pay tribute to someone special while also opening a door to learning for someone who could not otherwise participate in a program. Each year, Road Scholar awards more than 300 of these scholarships, in the form of Impact Grants, to enthusiastic lifelong learners.

By endowing a Scholarship, you are ensuring that others can enjoy the unique Road Scholar experiences you hold so dear.

“I am widowed with no family and the holidays are a very difficult time for me to be on my own. This wonderful program — delightful in so many ways — opened a whole new world for me. I learned that I can travel on my own in the safety and encouragement of a group. I am so grateful to Road Scholar for providing me with such a rewarding experience.”

— Linda P. from Wilmington, DE



At Road Scholar, we acknowledge the weighty responsibility all adults who serve as family caregivers for ill or disabled relatives carry. The warm, welcoming and friendly nature of our learning adventures provides much-needed respite from the emotional and physical demands of being a caregiver. The Road Scholar Caregiver Grant offers a unique respite opportunity for unpaid family caregivers to take part in a Road Scholar educational travel program.

By endowing a Caregiver Grant, you can provide a caregiver with a revitalizing Road Scholar experience of friendship and learning, which can be especially helpful for caregivers who are experiencing isolation and feelings of depression, stress and anxiety.

“My Road Scholar trip truly took me away from my everyday responsibilities caring for my mother. It helped me realize I want more challenges like this. I remind myself regularly that some caregivers might not get such opportunities, or know they even exist, and so my gratitude only grows.”

— Sue, Road Scholar Caregiver Grant recipient



Some of our donors choose to endow a fund to support program development or program enhancements such as enabling participants with limited hearing to fully participate in Road Scholar programs.

By endowing a fund for a special initiative, you can increase access to others or support the development of new and innovative educational models for people for whom learning is the journey of a lifetime.

“Thank you so much for opening my eyes, activating my mind, and filling my heart. You have all the reasons in the world to be proud of your generous gift.”

— Anonymous Road Scholar Scholarship recipient


Get Started and Learn More

If you are considering establishing a named scholarship or an endowed fund, or if you would like more information, please contact Ann Lamond, Director Planned and Major Gifts, by phone at (877) 737-0664 or by email, ann.lamond@roadscholar.org.

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